Shadow Work (1 Hour Session)

The Magickal Mother

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During this 1.5 hours, we will go over what you want, figure out what direction to take, and go from there. We will dive deep & face some shit. Are you ready to heal the parts of you that are hard to face? I’m here for you every step of the way. For your next session. I will tell you intuitively the next time you should book. 

Please do your best not to book more than one session a week unless you want sessions for more than an hour.

Please understand, the majority of what comes up for you, you’ll need to figure out how to work through yourself but there are going to be moments you genuinely aren’t sure what to do and I’m here to support you in all ways so that you can heal during your shadow work. 

Shadow work is not something that you can start on your own. There is no time frame to complete shadow work. It’s a lifetime thing to heal oneself. You will get to a point where you no longer will need so much support you do now & it’ll be better to identify the triggers and where they stem from, that is when you all be able to start doing it on your own.